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Marketing Event Rentals

Use a mechanical bull for marketing…

What get’s more attention than a Mechanical Bull?
When put in the right place, with the right operator, there is no limit on the marketing possibilities.

Experienced operators make all the difference in the product delivery.

We specialize in Integrated marketing combining public relations, marketing, advertising functions into a more or less seamless communications campaign that is at home on the web, just as it is on television screen and magazine page.

BMB Bulls does interactive marketing and advertising for all types of companies that are not getting the recognition they desire.

We can place logos on the bull as well as the air bag to ensure the public’s recognition.

Traveling is not a problem. We can do advertising while traveling.

Entertainment and good experiences are our specialty, which is what we offer for your clients and possible clients.

Pictures and videos from events go online after events via our aggressive online strategies to get the most recognition.

Attendants put up their own pictures and videos from the event. The recognition desired goes to You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook.

The marketing team at BMB Mechanical Bulls is not matched anywhere is this business.

We are not for everybody, but this is our specialty.

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