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Mechanical Bull Rider

Mechanical Bull Rider

Why choose BMB Bulls Mechanical Bull Rental?

Bring the party to life by having a BMB Bulls mechanical bull at your next party. Our bulls look real-to-life, and are safely operated and insured. Not all mechanical bulls are created equal. These are not the cheap looking, plastic bulls where you are left wondering where to put the 25 cents in to ride. Our have a real bull hide and real taxidermy head. Our mechanical bulls have been in parties, bars, events, graduation parties, reunions, concerts, fairs, weddings, dances and festivals all over the country.

Power requirements: The bull itself needs 230 live volts and 50 amps. It is code that every building is capable of that power. If you have 208 volts, three-phase, we can boost the power and make it work. An additional standard 110 volt plug is needed for the fan to fill the air bag with air.

Insurance: We carry $1 million of liability insurance, which is plenty for parties and fairs and rodeos. We have never had a claim on my insurance, and we give several thousand rides every year. We pride ourselves on our good judgment in running the bulls.

Music: We have a lot of typical up beat country and bull riding music that we can bring to your party. We have two 12 inch 600 watt self amplified speakers. We can turn a French tea party in to an all night bull riding, end-zone dancing tournament.

Space: The bull takes up a 20X20 square foot area that is mostly air bag. Any of our Bulls will go through a standard 32 inch commercial or residential door. We can roll it anywhere. Really all it needs is power and space; there is no substitute for a mechanical bull at your party.

Travel: We are always traveling so that is no problem however it will make the cost of the rental go up depending on how far we go.

Pricing: There are so many variables that play into the pricing. The more that you rent a mechanical bull the cheaper it gets. Our availability is variable, so it pays to contact us early to get your event into our schedule. Call or e-mail us. We have never lost a deal on price alone. We partner with other mechanical bull operators all over the country and can help you find one close to you, if you live a long distance away from BMB Bulls in the Western US. Our mechanical bull sales team has sold nearly 400 of these top-quality bulls and they are all over the world.

I have been running and selling mechanical bulls in the lower 48 states for over 3 years. You may have seen us at:

North Dakota State Fair
Kansas State Fair
Cache County Fair & Rodeo, Utah
Weber State University, Utah
Brigham Young University, Utah
Idaho State University
Utah State University
Columbus County Fair
Utah Valley University
Nebraska State Fair
Wyoming State Fair
Mid South States Fair, Memphis, TN
Strawberry Days, Utah
Black and White Days, Utah
Salem High School, Utah
Dixie High School, Utah
Tulsa, OK
Duluth, MN
Phoenix, AZ
Chicago, IL